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It is a keystroke recorder with a free demo version. With KEYMACRO you can record, search, edit and share the recorded keystrokes. It also enables you to save the recorded sessions for later playback, enabling you to capture passwords and other sensitive data in an easy to play back manner.
Keystroke recorder
With KEYMACRO you can record keystrokes. You can choose whether you want to record all, the current page, a specific file or the current document, or any other file, which makes the software flexible and intuitive. The audio capturing can be adjusted according to the chosen recording mode. The maximum number of simultaneous capture sessions is limited by the maximum number of available capture devices and may vary with the hardware and operating system used.
Keystroke search and playback
The keystrokes you record are saved in text files. You can search and browse the stored keystrokes with the built-in search function. Once a keystroke has been found, you can rewind and view the session again, edit, copy or delete it.
Document encryption
KEYMACRO supports document encryption, ensuring the confidentiality of the recorded keystrokes. A password is required to play back a stored document. You can set the expiration date of the decryption key, preventing password brute-force attacks.
Automatic password generation
The keystrokes you record are automatically encrypted and saved as a password protected text file. The password is generated automatically. This allows you to not need to memorize the keystrokes you record in a time critical environment.
A daily scan for malware is running on all installed programs. Once a found malware is removed, a report of its removal is sent to the vendor of the keystroke recorder application. If the application was installed from a commercial site, this report is automatically sent to the vendor as well.

KEYMACRO Keystroke Recorder Video Features:

KEYMACRO is a free software to record and playback keystrokes on your computer. It captures keystrokes on your computer while you are typing in your favorite text editor, surfing, chatting, emailing or playing games. With the KEYMACRO you can easily record your keystrokes. It is a software to record keystrokes on your computer that can be used to recover passwords, PINs, bank passwords, secret information and all other sensitive data without the use of any virus or spyware programs.

KEYMACRO Software can run on Windows 384a16bd22

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For a team of just 10 people, this lightweight and effective plugin is easily a five-star product, as it has a set of extraordinary features and a decent usability. The only drawback is that it only offers a free trial version, but the features you get for the price are highly sought after, so you won’t be getting an ordinary free version here.

The interface
This plugin was designed for high-level users, and it therefore offers an easy to use user interface. The plugins are easy to find, and they can be found under the Tools plugin folder. Once you open the plugin interface, you will see various actions and functions, and as you continue to use the application, you will be able to expand your knowledge of the plugin’s features.
The plugin is neatly organized, and if you want to turn the video you are currently watching off, it is just a couple of clicks away. Once you do so, you will get a list of all the videos, images and audio you have stored in your project. At the same time, you can also view the text files stored in your project, and you can change the name of the files or the folder they are stored in.
As far as the editing and organizing tools are concerned, you get a timeline where you can work on the text, image or audio files you have got stored in your project.
Another neat feature is that you can save the documents you create for future use, in case you need to look for the files again later on. In addition to that, you can print your documents or export them as PDF files.

The video, photo and text organizing tools are extremely simple to use.
The plugin comes with a free trial version.
It works well with a team of 10 people.
The appearance of the user interface is neat.

The Pros Cons:

It does not offer a free version that can be downloaded for free.
It only offers a free version for a limited period of time.
It does not offer more advanced editing functions.

The Pros Cons:

It offers an impressive set of features, as it supports a variety of file types.
It works well with teams of 10 people.
The interface is neat, and it does not make the user experience a bit difficult.

The Pros Cons:

It is easy to use, and it only offers a free version for a limited period of time.

The Pros


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