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■ This plugin consists of a host plug-in and one auxiliary plugin. It can sync with the host at up to 4 different sync positions (three on the master channel and one on the plugin channel).
■ This plug-in can produce a stereo spread. With a spread of -5db to 5db in the right channel and -15db to 15db in the left channel, the plugin can be used as a delay, a reverb or a phase shifter.
■ The filter stage number has a huge impact on the character of the sound. More stages gives a stronger and fatier character. For example, a 5-stage filter gives a thicker than a 3-stage filter.
■ The plugin has three main modes: Classic Phaser, Phaser and Filter Stages.
Classic Phaser
■ By default, the phaser is set to start at the 12th filter stage, but this can be changed by selecting the filter stage number. This is especially useful for those who use 5 filter stages to mimic a rotary phaser.
■ By choosing the “Delay” mode, the plugin will emulates a delay with the classic phaser filter settings. This gives a very fat and mellow sound, perfect for tape emulations.
■ By choosing the “Classic Phaser” mode, the plugin will emulate the classic phaser filter settings. There are several effects available: Highpass, Lowpass, Bandpass, Comb filter, HP/LP EQ.
■ The highpass and lowpass effects are extremely versatile. By tweaking the cut-off frequency and amount of phase shifting, you can make the classic phaser sound like a phaser with a dynamic range, even with a very short feedback path.
■ For the comb filter and the HP/LP EQ, you can select the amount of phase shifting and adjust the filter frequency responses.
■ The plugin has a “set” function. Select a channel and set the filter stages and timing parameters of the phase shifting filter to your preferred settings. Once set, the plugin will remember the settings for the current track and plugin channel.
■ By choosing the “Phaser” mode, the plugin will emulate a phaser with the classic phaser filter settings. This gives a powerful and fat sounding phaser. The phasing is very predictable, and you can easily master the timing in your project. 384a16bd22

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A powerful macro program, included in Access 2013.
Macros can be used for a wide variety of tasks in MS-Access.
For example, many people work from Access databases.
Macros can assist in many common tasks:
Add some text
Add a hyperlink to a word
Copy/Paste a range of cells
Edit cell format
Set a property
If you need to, you can use macros for “automated” tasks, like for example:
If someone clicks a button: do this!
If someone types in a field: do this!
Create a button: “Add something”
Use a sequence of actions
If you need to do a sequence of actions, you can add them all in a single macro, for example:
set a property
Update a field
Copy some text
This way, you will save a lot of time, by just typing the macro.
The macro’s syntax is easy to understand, but if you need to learn more about it: you can use the online Help of the macro, or to get help, you can ask a question on the knowledgebase.
Macros are not a “secret” tool. If you need to use macros, you need to have Access 2013.
Macros can be easily activated with a button click.
Macro’s help
Logon/Logoff button
A macro is activated when you click a button or when a specific condition occurs.
Click and drag a button and drop it on the program.
You can select a macro file with a button and drag it to your application.
You can also drag and drop a macro from a running macro.
In the main window you can see the macro name and code.
You can use the property of the button to define:
– The target
– The macro name
– The macro code
– The macro file
Select a range of cells
You can use a macro to select a range of cells in a current opened worksheet.
You can use this with the button tool:
– You can drag a button on a worksheet and drop it on a desired range.
– You can select an area in a worksheet and drag it on a button.
Macro Properties
Macros are properties and properties are objects.
A property can be for example:

A property can be:
– Target: the action the button can be assigned.
– Macros: the


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