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* Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad0*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad1*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad2*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad3*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad4*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad5*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad6*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad7*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad8*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad9*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad-*Enable/Disable key Ctrl+Shift+Numpad*.E.t.c.**Should work well with all keyboard layouts.Tested with Microsoft English US International Keyboard Layout.**

EltronDroid Secure – Antivirus (APK) EltronDroid Secure is an application about security. It is designed to keep your phones safe and the devices they are installed on. It helps in keeping track of the applications installed on the device, so that you can know if it is infected or not.
Main features:
* Security Scan – Check for any virus, trojan or spyware
* Hidden Apps Scan – Check for any system applications which are installed in the internal storage.
* Updates – Check for any system updates
* Log Files – View the log files to see how the app ran.
* Security Status – View the current security settings for the phone.
* Application Cache – View all the installed application for quick updates
* Clean Up – Delete the unwanted or unused application.
* APK Scan – Check the installed applications for any malware.
* Notification – View the current state of the notification bar.
* SIM Switcher – Check for available signal on the current network.
* Application Access – View the Application Access, a button for the user to find out more about the apps.
* Security Settings – Check the current security settings for the phone.
* App Lock – Install a PIN lock screen for the apps.
* Keep Safe – Add a text message, e-mail, wallpaper, to the list of contacts that you can text or e-mail if you lose the phone.
* Smart Lock – Lock the phone only when the screen is on, or when the device is left alone.
* Backup – Create a backup of 384a16bd22

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KeyringEditor is a cross-platform application that allows you to open any PDB file and change its key, cipher, and password. It can open a password database file created by the Keyring application, edit its categories and add new entries. These changes can be saved to a new PDB file or converted to a one in the same format as the original, opening it in Keyring.

OCC package – original OCC package with all the files
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Why is the layout getting filled with empty space?

I am using a layout for my fragment. And I have defined a RelativeLayout for my fragment_main.xml file.
But when i add the fragment to the activity, I am seeing some empty space in the top and bottom of the activity.
I am using the following code to add the fragment.
FragmentTransaction ft = getSupportFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
ft.add(R.id.fragment_main, new BlankFragment(), BlankFragment.TAG);

Why is the layout being filled with empty space?
I am attaching a screenshot of the empty space.


You’re adding the BlankFragment directly. You shouldn’t. This is the fragment in the layout:


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