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The program was created as a Translation program for the Dynamic HTML editor or the 9desks.
The program can be used by you not only to translate from one language to another. It allows you to also translate with the ability to store the original string and it provides you with the possibility to use an existing language file or add a new one.
The program allows you to add new languages to your own language files so you can translate your own language file in a multitude of languages with different settings.
This program was created as a very useful tool to use for people who need to translate lots of files in a short time because this program can split the translated strings to small parts so when you have a small “template” of the translated string (like for the 9desks) you can copy, paste and change the template to suit your needs and translate the rest of the strings.


Thanks for the review. Sorry, I am really not a native English speaker. This program was just created for people who need to translate lots of languages in a short time. That is why I needed the ability to add many languages in a very short time.

There are other minor problems with the program that I have already told the dev to fix.

Hello i have some problems with this program, if i want to open the language file i cant, if i try to open the file it says “the translation was not found”. Can you help me please with this?

Is something like open file in the folder explorer and point it to the lng file?

Programs of this type of programs are designed to be used with a language file that is placed in the same directory of the program. Try to locate your language file and double click on it. Otherwise the language file will not be loaded correctly.

Yes, you have to find the language file and double click on it. Ini Translation Utility 2022 Crack allows you to add a new language for free. So the language file can be found for free and you just have to add it for free. It is done through the language file creator that comes along with the program.

Hello, First of all thanks for the review. The program does a great job for maintaining languages because it checks your language file and highlights the untranslated lines, but some of the manual translation is not as good as the one done by this program.

It is too bad that you cannot use your own language file; but

Ini Translation Utility Crack+ Free [Updated] 2022

Create a new empty translation file:
■ On the first screen you can select the version of the program you are using. Under the description it is written that 1.5 is the latest version but the program can create also an empty file using only the files included in the suite.
■ Choose the custom tab. By default the program uses an ANSI translation file so you can choose it with this tab. Otherwise you can choose UNICODE from here.
■ Choose the language file you want to use. Select your language file and choose a text field in which you want to translate.
You need to choose a file of the ‘Main File’. If you want to translate the english file you must choose the English file; it must be named ‘english.lng’.
■ Choose the number of words you want to be translated; it depends on the size of your language file.
■ Here is also the option to allow the program to automatically detect if the program is to be used with or without the ‘–info’ option.
■ If you dont want to translate any sentence select the ‘Not translate’ option.
■ If you choose to load a file created by another Ini Translation Utility user, you will have to specify a phrase of your language file to translate; select the top menu option ‘Load the translation file’ and choose the ‘Load from another file’ option.
Choose a new translation file created by the program:
■ Choose the top menu option ‘Options’.
■ In this section you can choose to save the Ini Translation Utility copy of the ‘Main File’ into the ‘New Translation File’ for the user to edit; set all the options and names of fields that you want to save.
■ You can also save the options of all the messages in the ‘Customization’ section.
■ You can also set the options for new fields added by the program; all the newly added fields have the predefined name ‘NNNN’ where NNNN is the number you’ve entered for it in the ‘Main File’.
■ You can set that the program starts using an ANSI translation file or a UNICODE translation file automatically, basing it on the character set used when translating.
■ After saving you need to close the dialog.
If you dont have a default name choose ‘Pong’
For maintenance of the

Ini Translation Utility Crack X64

BEYA is a tool for effective editing and modification of the.ini or INI (Internet slang) files written with the help of the editor.
By that information is provided, which can be read from any INI file, but also the information is visible about what features can be added in a file. File extension is given for a file, which can be opened by BEYA. There is a possibility to open many files simultaneously by using the file name chooser. The editor can also analyze of the fields in a file, which can be edited.

A Fast, Free or a Paid Ini Editor which supports Unicode

There is an Open source Ini Editor, which supports Unicode at the same time the following projects are supported Unicode / UTF-8, :
■ IniEditor : Ini Editor (also included in BEYA )
■ INI CafeEditor : Open source Ini Editor -Based on Ini Editor
■ MyIni : Windows Ini Editor
■ IniTagger / IniSoft
■ Sysprog – Windows INI Editor
Beneath this features list,there’s are various other features which are found commonly by Ini editors
■ Search: Search through all the sections in the file and the keystrokes can be turned off as it is asked
■ Comment: Reply of the keys in a comment
■ Line Break: Break the lines in the text
■ Add a line break between strings
■ Include a new line between the section and the section
■ Write in the code line breaks
■ Using a program which is stored at the same folder as INI.
■ Read and modify.ini files.
■ Supports UTF-8 and Unicode file format in.ini file(Windows, Unix, OS/X)
■ Supports the single line comments
■ Supports Unicode character set
■ Supports line comments
■ Supports multiline comments
■ Supports each line comment
■ Supports IniMagic and INIReader
■ Supports the key-in record ( line number, value, line comment, etc.)
■ Supports the key-out record ( line number, value, line comment, etc.)
■ Supports INI tag
■ Supports network ini files.

What’s New in the Ini Translation Utility?

This version of this utility allows you to translate an.ini file automatically in real time. So you can translate and maintain your translations using this very useful utility.
The main difference from the previous version is the ability to translate.ini files with the support of the free setup creator program Inno Setup.
In order to use this program you need only the file to translate; for our programs it is called ‘english.lng’. Choose this file for the text field ‘Main File’.
You should choose the first option when you create a new empty translation file. Then select the source file or even the.lng language file.
Next you can choose three options:
■ Create a new empty translation file;
■ Create a new translation file by creating a copy of the ‘Main File’ so many sentences maybe are already translated 😉
■ Maintain an already created language file by choosing the ‘Open the file to translate’ item from the File menu.
This program will analyze every phrase of the ‘Main File’ and mark the sentences where a translation is needed. There is no need to use an Ini file, you can use the ‘Main File’ and even a TXT file with the language code so it is called ‘italiano.lng’ for the italian people, ‘dutch’ for dutch people and so on.
Once the translation is completed, there is the possibility to save your changes, please note that the ‘Main File’ remains unchanged. In case you want to go back to the original file, simply choose the ‘Save As’ item from the File menu.
After the translation the program loads the list and highlights the untranslated sentences.
Simply press the F3 button to go directly to the next sentence to translate, press Enter to open it in the edit window, press the SAME button to save your changes.
The program has the ability to use an ANSI or UNICODE translation file automatically, basing it on the character set used when translating.
Please note that you should always use an ANSI or UNICODE character set. This may be a.ini file on a UNICODE file system.
If your original character set is not compatible with the target character set you may encounter some problems while translating the text.
Ini Translation Utility Keywords:
purify script,
Languages Supported:
Language File Information:

System Requirements:

For additional information on system requirements, please refer to the individual game launcher.
For information on installing the game launcher, please refer to the general installation instructions.
If you are using Steam, please ensure that you have the latest Steam client and you have Steam Beta installed.
Enjoy the game!
– Commandos
– Slicing Adventure
– To The Walls!
– Gemini Bloodlines
Original Announcement
Hello Commandos!
We are happy to announce the beta release of Command


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