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AutoDesk InfraWorks 2018 X64 (64-bit) (product key and Xforce key generator) nobuzav.n AutoDesk InfraWorks 2018 X64 (64-bit) (product key and Xforce key generator) Xforce keys). + Information for members to migrate to AutoCAD 2018 for free: infraworks2018info.asp + + + Supports up to 7 computers on the network on the main system and up to 6 on others + All updates to the autoCAELINK module are included to work correctly on multiple devices on the network + Updates to the ecLinks module are supported for layout information + + Added support for 16:9 resolution for the virtual machine + On the server version for mobile devices (iOS, Android) autodesk_mobile_version_update.asp, modifier “Mobile.” + Added new design themes when creating a document structure + AutoCD – Update Server for Autodesk CAD 2015, 2016 on Windows. It is recommended that you set it to continue updating throughout the warranty period. + Updated AutoSvc webserver. + Modified HMI module. + Fixed a number of minor bugs + Added an automatic update from Apple for devices with a 3D accelerator (iPhone 5/5s/6/6+, iPad Air 2/3/4, iPad mini 3/3+/4/4+, MacBook Air /13″) + Added the option to restore the MSVCSVC database in the tabular model (optional). + Adding an HMI object for AutoDESK + Adding additional objects in the HMI reference (you can install additional objects from the help window by changing the value of the parameter to -1). + Accumulated values data can be saved both in RAM and in a variable (static) database + Added a comment window to the HMI object with the ability to select the text of the comment + Redirect to the button in the HMI window – “Release” on form error + Improved search by model index (relevant for CAD / CAM) + Added a tooltip for the selected resource when adding a user + Removal of themes from the system desktop + Corrections have been made to the issue of subscribing to updates + In AutoDev eloper Added “new version






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