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Category:Integrated development environments1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates generally to circuit breakers and circuit breaker modules, and more specifically to circuit breakers and circuit breaker modules with improved shielding for achieving high reliability performance in equipment that may generate electromagnetic interference (EMI).
2. Description of the Related Art
A circuit breaker is an electrical switch designed to protect electrical circuitry from damage caused by overcurrent conditions, e.g., from electrical overload or short circuit. There are many types of circuit breakers, e.g., vacuum circuit breakers, spring-operated circuit breakers, gas-insulated circuit breakers, etc. However, most circuit breakers utilize an electromagnetic proximity switch in combination with a thermal-magnetic trip unit as the trip mechanism. The proximity switch is normally placed on the side of the circuit breaker remote from the source of the electrical load. The thermal-magnetic trip unit contains electronic circuitry, which is attached to the proximity switch, which is in turn attached to the side of the circuit breaker that is remote from the source of the electrical load. The thermal-magnetic trip unit and the proximity switch, as well as the attachment of these two devices to the circuit breaker, are subject to electromagnetic emissions from the circuit breaker. It is desirable to reduce the risk of an electromagnetic event, such as electromagnetic interference, to an acceptable level. However, it is not desirable to overly restrict the electromagnetic emissions of such electronic components because of the crucial role of these electronic components in the reliable operation of the circuit breaker.
Circuit breakers are typically installed in electrical distribution circuits in a location distant from a source of the electrical load and thus, as an example, are often installed in a building’s electrical distribution system. A building’s electrical distribution system is a common source of electromagnetic interference. For example, field coils (e.g., electromagnetic coils) installed around an electrical distribution system can emit magnetic and electric fields. The field coils are energized to transmit or communicate signals to and/or from the electrical distribution system and thus are considered part of the electrical distribution system. However, the sensitivity of circuit breakers to the effects of EMI generated by the electrical distribution system is exacerbated when the EMI emanates from a source of the EMI close to the circuit breaker.
U.S. Pat. No. 8,070,722 to Pecenco et al., the disclosure of which is http://galaxy7music.com/?p=27045


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Do I need to convert my code written in Java to JNI before calling in an Android C/C++ application?

I have a piece of code that I want to call inside my Android C/C++ project. I’ve heard that to call a Java class from C/C++ we need to make a JNI call. But, do I have to convert my code to native code first, before making the JNI call?


Generally JNI is used to call native function from Java.
You can convert Java code to native code easily and easily and there is no need to manually convert it.
You can simply use JNI to call a function of a Java library.
For more information about JNI see here:

I suggest you to avoid using JNI. It is not the good method for calling C/C++ functions from Java.
I suggest you to use the android.os.Bundle to transfer data between C/C++ and Java.
In Android C/C++ you can use the JNI for you to access the native C/C++.
For more information about JNI see here:


How to get the color of a pixel in a Mat image?

I have a simple problem:

I have a background color (let’s say #ff0000) and I have some pixels that belong to the background. How can I get their color?


public static Color getColor(Mat img, int x, int y) throws Exception
Bitmap bmp = Bitmap.createBitmap(img.width(), img.height(), Bitmap.Config.ARGB_8888);
Mat mat = new Mat(bmp);
Bitmap output = Bitmap.createBitmap(bmp.getWidth(), bmp.getHeight(), bmp.getConfig());



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