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For starters, you’ve got to decide exactly what kind of relationship you want. Online dating is just a fraction of the dating scene, but it’s a big one. In 2010, 20 million Americans used a dating site or mobile dating app, and it’s easy to see why: online dating is downright freeing, and it gives you the freedom to date in your own time—that is, whenever you’re ready—rather than waiting to be approached and bumped into at a bar or club.

Most importantly, it’s—for most of us—simpler. Instead of marching up to a potential date to ask them out, online dating takes the chore out of the equation. You can find guys and gals to swoon over (or not) all from the comfort of your own home.

But you should still do your homework! Online dating is only as fun as the people you meet through it, so take the time to look over your potential dates’ profiles to make sure they’re the people you want to spend time with. Then, when the moment comes—whether it’s a phone call or a date—it’ll be easy to know whether you’re interested in someone. No idle chitchat required.

Then, start talking.

The most important part of any first date is to make sure the person you’re talking to isn’t totally crazy. That means walking out of the first dates—or e-mails—at the first sign of weirdness. Nothing breaks the ice faster than people hitting on you or being rude, so it’s best to be the first to say, “I think this is getting weird.” Your first date should be a relaxed one, but don’t let it be too comfortable for you to leave—if it starts to turn into dinner and a movie, or if you’re acting too nervous, grab your coat and leave.

The key to getting through the first date is to avoid bad first impressions. Sure, you’ll find yourself writing a nasty “Dear John” note if the chemistry isn’t there from the get-go, but the reality is, people aren’t always themselves on their first dates. It’s only human nature to have a few pre-date jitters before you get to meet someone in person, but you’re smarter than that. You know that something’s off about a guy or girl if he or she seems like they’re struggling to read your body language. Just relax and make your best effort at that—while you’re on https://idateadvice.com/how-to-have-safe-hookups-online-best-secure-sex-guide
It’s not rocket science, and as you go out there to find the person of your dreams, you’ll find your confidence grows as you get to know other humans. Furthermore, I’ve tapped the wisdom of some of the smartest nerds, geeks, and average people I know so that you, too, can succeed in finding a quality person to share your life with. And trust me: This is the perfect time to meet someone great; there are plenty of pretty people in the world. Getting to know them, however, can be a little difficult. Your life is busy and you’re tired. You’re trying to cope with the dramas of childhood, college, graduate school, and living in an expensive, urban city. You have nightmares about falling into bed with a homeless guy in a tight top. But, if you’re lucky enough, you’ve met a nice person who makes you laugh, has something interesting to say, is fairly intelligent, and is willing to date you.

If it’s your first time out, go out with someone you are nervous about. It’s a great way to find out what you’re comfortable with, and you’ll also learn that the world is much bigger than your hometown.

The whole point of this article isn’t to say you should date someone you don’t like. The point is to not be afraid. If you’re on a date, you’ll be fine. But your date might not be so thrilled with the experience.

The easiest way to have a good dating experience is to be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for. You want to take it slow and let him/her get to know you. Say what you want to say and say when you want to say it. For example:

“Hi. I’m Steve. I moved here last year. I haven’t met anyone interesting since I moved away from Indiana.”

“Hi. I’m Matt. I’ve lived here for four years. I’ve been on a few dates, but I haven’t met anyone I really like.”

The key to any relationship is open communication. If you communicate your desires, fears, hopes, and dreams openly, it will eliminate any disappointment. If he wants to take you to see a great band tonight, and you really want to see them, you better say, “Hey, if you think there’s a show coming up, you’re absolutely right. I know I have tomorrow off, so let’s go tomorrow night.” If


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