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Netcad 5.2 Full NEW! Indir Gezginler



Netcad 5.2 Full Indir Gezginler

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Cracked netcad 5.2 indir gezginler
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May 27th 2018 – 4 hours ago. As far as I can tell, it has a “help” tab…
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Is there any reason why people should be trained to succeed at deliberately going bankrupt?

In the book, Hacker: The paranoid neuroscience of hackers at work, Frederic, the author, says that a lot of hackers don’t want to go to jail. This is to avoid paying a fine and going to jail. So, some of the hacker team wants to deliberately go bankrupt. One way to deliberately go bankrupt is to hack a company, take its resources and products, and hold the company liable.
Is this idea a sound idea? Does it make economic sense? Is there any reason people should be trained to deliberately go bankrupt?


Yes, and no.
“Deliberately going bankrupt” is not going bankrupt. Bankruptcy, in common law, is to be done deliberately.
I can’t see a penalty in the US, or in any jurisdiction, for deliberately crashing a vehicle. Whether intentional or accidental, anyone who goes bankrupt is liable for everything you can cram into a bankruptcy settlement. However, bankruptcy can be a precursor to going for a significant win in a civil case, if the judge decides a bankruptcy settlement is inadequate.
This is not an idea, it’s a working theory. If I were a Professor doing a finance class, I’d show that deliberate bankruptcy is a risky strategy. Perhaps because software is easier to steal than cars, or because people are more willing to agree that a software bug is their fault than that a car defect is their fault, or because the mechanic will work harder at fixing the car than the engineer will at finding the bug, etc.

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