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Di deennan







• Enter the deep world of the angels and hell beasts.
• Collect all the treasures to save the princess.
• Use powerful attacks to defeat the four bosses.
• Keep on defeating these monsters and boost your courage to learn ninja techniques from the strongest masters.Chiral helicene molecules confined in ordered micropores.
A new chiral form of perylene-3,4:9,10-tetracarboxylic acid diimide (PTI), consisting of three covalently attached chiral PTI units (called “helicenes”), has been synthesized and characterized. The solid-state crystal structures have been determined by X-ray diffraction. The chirality of PTI has been transferred to two diastereomeric helicenes which are immobile within the ordered micropores of the beta-Keggin-type layered aluminosilicate host, bentonite.Q:

How to get a value from my entity model in the controller

I have a method in a controller that goes through the entity set and grabs a value in it. The thing is the method does not want to work, as you can see below.
public ActionResult Login(LoginModel login, HttpPostedFileBase file = null, bool rememberMe = false)
LoginLogic loginController = new LoginLogic(loginsource);
loginModel.Email = loginController.email(login);

The model:
public string Email { get; set; }

public Login(DatabaseContext database, ICollection logins)
this.logins = logins;
this.loginsDataContext = database;

public LoginLogic email(Login login)
return from x in this.logins where x.Account == login select x;

I’m getting error: An object with the same key already exists in the ObjectStateManager.
I’m very new to entity framework. I’m not sure how to get the correct values.


You don’t need to select from your collection when using LINQ to SQL. Just do
loginModel.Email = loginsController.email(login);

LINQ to SQL does all the data selection for you and you don’t get any extra data.



Features Key:

  • Copper-silver color-plates
  • Six luxurious designer shapes
  • Cutting-edge ultra-thin aluminium body
  • Authentic retro design of individual plates from the 10-year run of the Old Ones


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The Queen of Time is here! Solve mind-bending puzzles in VR by using your environment to your advantage. Attention! Your environment may include devices used for time travel.

1.2.0 – Released in October 14, 2018
App updates:
– Fixed glitch that rendered the player unable to view hit reaction gifs
– Fixed crash when certain time travel devices are used
– Fixed camera option for some devices

1.1.0 – Released in August 23, 2018
App updates:
– Disabled certain devices for timing concerns
– Fixed display issue on some devices

1.0.3 – Released in August 13, 2018
App updates:
– Fixed issue with camera view angle on some devices
– Improved reading of delay settings on some devices

1.0.2 – Released in July 23, 2018
App updates:
– Fixed issue with changing game progress by activating devices during gameplay
– Improved the loading time on some devices

1.0.1 – Released in July 10, 2018
App updates:
– Added map to that displays a location in the game’s world

1.0.0 – Released in July 6, 2018
App updates:
– Initial release
A non-DNA mobile element consisting of transposase, polyproline tract and retroposition signal sequence of an apparently functional mariner element in Trypanosoma cruzi.
This work reports a new mobile element from Trypanosoma cruzi named SviaPlug. This element lacks a terminal inverted repeat and is intermediately related to the previously described mariner retrotransposons Tc12, Tc9 and Tc-mariner and mobilizes with transposition potential in Trypanosoma spp. SviaPlug was detected in the sequences of six putative retrotransposon pseudogenes, Tc-tryp, Tc-retro-I, Tc-retro-III, Tc-retro-II, Tc-retro-IV and Tc-retro-V, which also harbor in their 3′ flanks the above-mentioned three Tc-mariner-like elements described here as Tc-mariner, Tc9 and Tc12. All the T. cruzi pseudogenes and other trypanosomatid sequences share a conserved structure of polyproline sequences, a putative 3′ polyproline tract and


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Broken Sword 2 is an interactive story-driven point-and-click adventure, with
role-playing-elements. It tells the story of retired adventurer Nico Collard,
who decides to clear his name by finding the seven rare gems which can, if
placed in the Smoke Mirror, lead him to the location of the Seven Stars of
Broken Sword 2 will change the way you think about story-driven adventure games as
there will be no combat, no puzzles to solve, no mysteries to unravel. The game
will only keep you on your toes by throwing heart-stopping twists at you.
Time is running out. The next time you face the Seven Mages, you will remember
the story of Broken Sword 2.
Story Mode:
Once the game has been completed, you have the ability to replay all the story
chapters again in an endless mode. This mode offers the chance to make different
choice of dialogue. Try to find out more about the story, all the characters and
eventually why the Seven Stars have been so important to the world.
Adventurous Mode:
This game is a real time-traveller. At certain intervals throughout the game
you will have the chance to choose and go to different locations in the game.
These locations will be handed out randomly, however the first one you reach
will be the open ending for the game. You will receive rewards for every
instance in which you choose to go to different locations.
Save the file on the hard disk and you will be able to continue at any time.
* Interactive Story
* High quality-game graphics
* Intuitive puzzles (we are not just talking about solving puzzles here. As
each scene is loaded, your inventory is already filled with different objects
which can be used to help you)
* Different dialogue choices
* The choice of which of the seven characters to be the main character
* Open ending
* Career and Character Trait development
* Visits to all locations
* Talk with different characters
* Choice of sounds for each scene
* 24 Pictures
* Optional Photo Album available
Game for Windows, Mac and Linux-The first trailer for the Star Wars: The Last Jedi sequel has arrived and it has already broken a few records, including the time it was most disliked on social media.

The trailer features an on-the-run Luke Skywalker who has been tricked by some


What’s new:


Bricks: Ultimate Player’s Handbook is a LEGO adaptation of the popular character-based LEGO video game series LEGO Universe, which introduced interconnectivity between the games and the franchise. Prior to this, the only cross-media connection was the brief (and mostly unsuccessful) partnership in LEGO Dimensions, which was unable to duplicate the widespread popularity of the source material due to a low price-point.

Combining the game platform and the Lego gameplay with new narrative content and high-quality voice acting, this LEGO experience is likely to appeal to people who enjoyed the original game and would like to see some of the more unique aspects of the universe incorporated into the mainline game. It’s worth noting that the platform requirements are far more lenient than those of most other VR games, making it ideal for casual but still fun gameplay.

With the excellent Steins;Gate: The First Chapter VR release shortly to follow, it will be interesting to see what this partnership allows the two media to bring to the form of videogame VR.


Unlike most other LEGO videogames, Bricks: Ultimate Player’s Handbook is advertised for its unique narrative and gameplay features but doesn’t sell itself as a direct adaptation of the main game in the franchise. Rather than a straight up parody and effective remake of the game, the developers opted to expand the narrative through VR by giving players a 3D environment from which to observe and interact with the characters.

Players start the game in a manner similar to the main series with the old Universe storyline, allowing them to build and freely move between environments. As the tutorial progresses through the game, the player will gain access to more AUs including alternate world versions of the main universe characters and environments.

As the player continues through the story and builds in the main world, time traveling is extended into building a time machine, which can be used to return to specific moments in time. The time travel aspect was a major selling point for this game, as it allows players to experience different “timelines” while interacting with characters. While this is a generally well-executed use of the mechanic, some of the more recent events in the storyline seem to be an aberration. For example, Krino would only reveal his gameplay ability by kidnapping his own family and using them as hostages. There’s also some very strange species oddities that appear throughout the game. For instance, the never-before-seen floating “


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The game is a point-and-click adventure with a touch of “space adventure”. In the space of about 400 000 000 km, around the stars of the universe, you will have to complete various jobs and quests. In this game, the player is the captain of a spaceship, which will be the player himself in the first game. Help the captain and crew accomplish their missions and improve the spaceship. The game has a stunning 3D engine with high resolution and a great music and voices.Q:

How to write a decimal range in selectlist in php

I’m very new to php. I’m trying to write a selectlist in which all possible values are stored as decimal values. I’m using the range function to get all possible values.
I’m using
range(0, 1, 1.1);

but I get this :
Array ( [0] => 0.1 [1] => 1.1 [2] => 2.1 [3] => 3.1 [4] => 4.1 )

Here is the error that I get in the browser:
syntax error, unexpected T_DOLLAR_OPEN in /the/path

Here is my full code:

foreach ($range_list as $key => $value) {
echo ”.$value.”;
echo ”;


You cannot use parentheses in echo (as they are used for grouping and such), you will have to do it like this:
echo ”.$value.”;

As you can see, you put the string in the “.'” so the final PHP code is:
foreach ($range_list as $key => $value)


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    System Requirements:

    •OS: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64-bit)
    •Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or better
    •Memory: 2GB or more
    •Hard Drive: Minimum 20GB
    •Mouse: Any mice supported by L2K/LZW (and KB keyboard)
    •Screen: 1024×768 or higher
    •Keyboard: KB (U.S. English)
    •DirectX: 9.0c/10.0c


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