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1. Show your best self. Even if you’re comfortable, you’ll look better if you go to the effort.
2. Practice kindness. Sometimes we let our guardedness get the better of us. Pay it forward.
3. Say thank you. It’s pretty silly, but it can make a big difference.
4. Be honest and tell the truth. Nothing kills a relationship faster than suspicion and lies.
5. Don’t fight over something that really doesn’t matter. It will damage your relationship and your friendship, and it doesn’t matter anyway.
6. Keep your phone away. You’ll never run into a problem if it isn’t there.
7. Say yes, but don’t feel like you always have to. The right time will come.

_”If you can accept that in most cases the women who approach you are not interested and it’s perfectly acceptable to pass them by, you have a better time. And if you happen to pick up a future girlfriend or future wife, even better.”_

8. If you’re not comfortable with someone, just say it. If you don’t like someone’s style, don’t be afraid to be honest about it.
9. Let someone else have a turn. When in doubt, be like a gentleman, let others go first.
10. Don’t expect instant gratification. A lot of times, people aren’t looking for love right away.
11. Get to know someone before you get serious. It’s not fair to the other person to tie their future to someone who isn’t ready.
12. Be cautious. If someone takes the time to meet you, he or she is probably interested.
13. Treat all the women with respect. What you do to one, you do to all.
14. If you’re going to cheat, don’t get caught. No matter how tempting the opportunity. It’s a stupid way to treat someone you love.
15. Be nice to everyone. If you’re not nice to the world, how can you expect to find a nice one to be nice to?

## 10

## Emotional Fitness

You probably wouldn’t think of your job as one of your passions, but knowing your emotions is part of working in business. When you can manage your emotional triggers, you can succeed in the business world, and being healthy is essential for a happy and productive life. https://latinconexions.com/best-latina-hookups-online-pros-and-cons-of-hispanic-sex-apps.html
Believe It or Not, You’re Probably Ready to Date

You may be “antidate” like many of my clients in long-term relationships are. They dread the idea of being on a date with a guy or girl they don’t know well, and this causes them to miss out on dating. If you approach dating with the mentality that you’re not ready, that doesn’t mean you won’t meet anyone. Chances are there is someone out there who’s right for you. You just may not know how to get your feet wet.

The first step is to have a positive attitude about dating. I’ve had clients who were so nervous about going on a date that they would never look anyone in the eye. Of course they could meet someone, but they wouldn’t know how to establish a relationship because they were acting all weird. While a little nervousness is to be expected, an overabundance of it is not. Pick one emotion and stick with it. It’s easy to get carried away and spill over the edge.

Look for someone who is attentive and who makes an effort to spend time with you. This is important because it shows that he or she is interested in you and will be with you. Yes, some people say and do things that make you think they aren’t interested. You’re better off not dating someone you can’t trust than to be hurt. Someone who’s on a date with you is usually looking for something in return. Just because you’re the one who brought them to the table doesn’t mean they should pay the bill.

Dating can be complicated if you’re the type who needs to have everything perfectly planned, but it doesn’t need to be. A simple plan for dinner at a local restaurant followed by some touristy activity will suffice. Learn to let go of some control and see where things go. You may want to consider going on a few first dates before taking a full-fledged plunge. Who knows, you could meet the love of your life after one date.

Be Nice to Yourself

Have you ever been on a first date? That first date is the best date you’ve ever been on. You meet someone you click with who is nice to you and you feel elated. You run into him or her on the street and suddenly recognize you hit it off. These are examples of synchronicity. When you are on a date with someone you enjoy, you take an interest in them, and they do


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