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1. Don’t go in with a best friend.

Sure, it’s easiest to hook up with a buddy, but trust us, that’s not the best way to start a relationship. In fact, if you’re going to launch a relationship, it’s probably easier to start with a stranger than someone you know. That way, there are no expectations and no pressure.

2. Drink plenty of coffee or other caffeinated drinks.

Perhaps the best dating advice we can give you is this: Don’t drink and drive. We know what you’re thinking: You’ve probably heard that somewhere, but it doesn’t mean anything. But we’re not talking about anything you need to be mindful of while you’re drinking, like selecting wines carefully or choosing a restaurant that serves a great vegetarian dish (save your kind intentions for when you’re sober). We’re talking about sleep. That is, if you’re going to drink coffee, make sure it’s really, really strong. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for an unusually long night of wakefulness.

3. Buy a no-frills phone.

This might be the best dating advice we can give you: Get a no-frills phone. Seriously. Don’t buy a flashy one that tries to tempt you with features you don’t need. That really only increases the pressure. Your phone’s greatest powers—making calls, texting, e-mailing, and even taking pictures—are actually more useful than you might think. In fact, they’re essential. To prove our point, we gave a no-frills phone to three guys in the office. Sure, they knew how to use a phone, but for the most part they didn’t know what to do with it, or how to use the apps that would potentially make their no-frills phones their best friends.

4. First, think about your very best feature.

Do you have an awesome body? An ace personality? Or perhaps you’re an awesome talker, a great cook, a great kisser, or just really, really funny. Every man needs a “hot commodity.” What feature of yours might be your best asset?

5. Practice small talk.

If you’re having trouble getting comfortable with talking to strangers, the very best thing you can do is to make a friend. That’s right, a friend. Meet someone you like, find out what they’re interested in, tell them http://www.spicysingles.co.uk/articles/connect-with-spicy-single-ladies-and-enjoy-fabulous-moments
We asked Amanda Baum, a relationship expert at The Wing, to share a few of her favorite dating tips to help you make the best of your dater days.

1. Highlight how awesome you are on your profile: “Don’t just list your interests—brag about them! If you’re a nerd, call out your nerdy interests. If you love hiking, list that. If you’re a die-hard cornball fan of the 90s, put that on there. If you’ve got a quality on your resume that only you possess, say it. Every bit of information that follows that you list will be used to either build your profile up, or your profile down.”

2. Tell a little about yourself: “What’s interesting about you is really what makes you special and what you’re great at. A little about yourself is so that the person reading your profile knows what to expect, what quirks you have, and can better understand what is so great about you.”

3. Show off your personality: “I’ve always felt that showing a little more of your personality is a little more attractive than not. There is no question that we are all put on earth to love. I love that you have an Amazon page, that you have a vegetable garden in a public space, or that you are an animal lover. All of these things show a little more of who you are than just listing your likes and dislikes.”

4. Be actively engaged in your profile: “People are always trying to figure out who is on the other side of the computer. What do you do? Where do you work? Tell me about the interesting people you know. Who have you had to rescue? Or who is just putting up with you in your life? You never have to be a wallflower. Now you’re an interesting wallflower.”

5. Don’t come across as a pushover: “You have to be open to the possibility of someone rejecting you—it’s that pesky aspect of human nature. People have to want to be with you. That doesn’t mean you have to be a pushover. If you are the kind of person who becomes upset by rejection, you don’t want to make a good impression on someone who might reject you—we all have a melting point.”

6. Be honest: “Being honest is everything. You can have all the qualities in the world but if the person doesn’t feel that he can trust you, you


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