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Note that this one is different from the other hacking tools, because of the fact that you don’t just hack the game and get gold.
· Mikandi Gold Hack Apk : With this mod you can hack Mikandi GOLD without using proxy or web to go outside the.
Sep 26, 2016 – Download Mikandi Apk – With more than 4.5 million customers and 11000. Mar 25, 2015 – Download Mikandi Gold Hack Apk – DEV MOD 2017 v8.2 – Gold App, Android Hacks,.Q:

Is it possible to use the DatePicker in a custom AlertDialog?

I am working on an Android application and have been tasked with developing a custom Dialog box. I am able to customize the TextField and EditText with custom XML, and am able to implement the TextView with EditText using an onClick method. What I would like to do is to be able to use the DatePicker in my custom Dialog but have not found a way to do it, and I am really unsure if it is possible or not.
If anyone has any sample code or a link to any tutorials that would be really appreciated!


It’s not possible.

Returns a Dialog object with no support for date pickers. Use this method to display a completely custom Dialog instead of a date picker.


Unique constraint in EntityDataSource

I am a long time web developer, but web sites are a very new thing for me. I am doing a project that requires a client to login to a series of web sites in order to access other data on their site. I’ve been handed the task of setting up a SharePoint 2010 site that will allow this. I have a development version of this here: I’ve been following Microsoft’s methods of setting up a “look and feel” for the app.
My first version of the site is almost ready, but I’m still following Microsoft’s guide on how to connect the client’s data to the SharePoint site. Everything I am doing on the development version is working correctly, as I am able to view data in the data fields of the tables on the client’s site. However, I am having trouble when trying to save client data,


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